Real Equality Instead of “Children vs. Career”

Family work is traditionally strong in the hands of women in german-speaking countries. This is evidenced by the particularly high proportion of part-time workers: Almost half of the women in Germany and Austria work part-time. The EU average is only 29 percent. To summarize: She works part-time, he does the overtime. Women do two-thirds of the unpaid work, such as childcare and nursing. Considering these figures, there is no sign of equal opportunities in the workplace.

Many organizations wish for more femininity – in management positions as well as strategic thinking. Added to that are compulsory women quotas, which do not solve a fundamental problem: Despite quotas it is the women who adjust to the male dominated frameworks (such as great flexibility instead of time for the family, “masculine” behavior, etc.) that tend to be more successful in their career. So, what can you do to effectively empower women? In this training, you will learn how to promote real equal treatment in your organization instead of perpetuating old habits.

If you want to efficiently promote women, you’ll have to question prevailing career norms in your organization. Who is advancing in their careers? What are the (unspoken) criteria? How is the prevailing notion of career hindering women to apply for management positions?

Efficient empowerment of women also includes empowerment of men: Not only women, but also men are not drawn to top jobs with implied overtime. Active participation in their family lives is becoming more and more important, especially to the younger generation in men. Real equality requires alternative models, management in part-time positions, TopSharing and so on.


  • Social norms as obstacles in equal treatment
  • Vision: gender-neutral frameworks
  • Recommended actions for gender-neutral recruitment, wage and promotion processes
  • Steps and ways towards effective advancement of women