A live webinar is an online seminar, conducted by an expert in real time and broadcast online. The participants are invited into a virtual room through secured access, listen to the expert’s contributions, and are able to exchange ideas and thoughts with supervision of the teacher. Customary training documents such as Power Point Presentations or other multi-media content can be shared with the participants directly on their screens.

Similar to on-site trainings, webinars offer the possibility to directly ask the experts questions and also to enter into a discourse among each other. Furthermore, it is possible to conduct surveys and guide interactive (group) exercises.

Webinars offer high comfort and are cost-efficient. There are no additional costs for travel and accommodation or for the venue and catering. Employees can participate from all over the world and live and webinars can be recorded, too. This way, content can be available to more employees – via the Intranet, for example.

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