The on-site face-to-face training is the classic tool among training methods. Our experts arrive at your organization or the desired venue with a clearly defined training goal. Depending on the subject, up to 20 people can be trained on-site to ensure a focused, personalized and interactive training experience.

The on-site training is the most interactive training format. It allows participants as well as the trainer to enter into a discourse and work on questions and answers in real-time. Depending on the topic and the setting, you can choose between the classic “classroom” format, an interactive workshop or a number of special formats (large groups, world café, future conference, and so on).

Due to the special settings and the use of resources, on-site trainings usually last a half workday or a full workday (4 or 8 hours). The duration may also be just one to two hours for certain compliance topics or solely fact-based content. Whereas we recommend several days for complex content, intensive sensitization or simulation games. We also do urgently suggest to make use of our on-site seminars in a short form.

All on-site trainings of the Diversity Campus are interactive and highly practice-oriented, lead by experienced experts and ensure an effective transfer of learning on a personal as well organizational level.

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