Ensure Equal Treatment.
Score with Diversity.

The concentrated knowledge of the Diversity Campus is tailored to the needs of managers deciding who will contribute to their organization’s success. Legal basics for equal treatment in recruitment form the foundation for this. Additionally, modern recruiters need targeted sensitization for the dimensions of diversity to consciously build a diverse team with different success factors.

Especially areas that tend to work in the same pattern are prone to unconscious biases. The recruitment process is a classic example at an essential point in the organization. In this training you’ll become familiar with strategies of how to open the doors to really anyone and to not overlook any more talents in the future.

Numerous well-founded studies demonstrate structural discrimination during the recruitment process. People have different opportunities regardless of their qualifications. This is usually due to the evaluation of personal characteristics such as gender, age, or national origin. A foreign sounding name alone drastically reduces the chances to be invited to a job interview. To attract the best talents for your own organization it is vital to free all recruitment processes – from the search to the final decision – of any discrimination.


  • Gaining knowledge for the legal framework using practical cases
  • Unconscious bias: disruptive tendencies in recruitment
  • Sensitizing for the dimensions of diversity
  • Tools and recommendations for a fair recruitment process