Core Dimensions of Diversity

Understanding and consciously shaping diversity within the company

Exploring diversity and the question of how diversity measures are implemented has numerous advantages for companies. It goes without saying that by doing so, collaboration in teams will be improved sustainably, the company culture will be changed for the better and employees will be more satisfied in general. Various studies have shown the positive effects of this for companies and prove that addressing a lack of diversity also improves the image and the attractiveness of employers. Which in turn means an increase in potential applicants, but also in customers.

Our modules on the different core dimensions of diversity train you to become active in the following areas:

  • Gender & gender identity
  • Ethnic background and skin color
  • Physical/mental abilities and disabilities
  • Sexual orientations
  • Religion and ideology
  • Age
  • Social background

We recommend paying attention to all these core dimensions. However, it is also possible to choose some core dimensions for a start and focus on these first.

Diversity Management – also often referred to as Diversity & Inclusion – is understood as a means to use internal and external staff diversity to the advantage of everyone involved and thus contribute to increased company success. Everyone should find themselves in an environment in which they are capable and willing to do their very best and to utilize all the potential of human resources within and outside the company.


  • Interactive exercises on core dimensions
  • Facts and background knowledge
  • Recommendations for companies
  • Raising personal awareness